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Latest News and Reviews

2015 Grammy Awards 

I recently returned from the 2015 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. It was amazing. This year, I got official red carpet privileges. And most of all, I WALKED the red carpet like a normal person. This was a far cry from a few months ago when I was confined to a wheelchair, so it was kind of a big deal for me. At my lowest point, I thought I'd never be able to do something like this again. 

Of course, I had to forgo the dress and heels this year in favor of something more stroke-friendly, yet sill equally outrageous. As I walked the red carpet, I noticed a man and his wife also walking next to me. The man was in sneakers, so it gave me a little reassurance that I wasn't the only one that chose to forgo some glitz and glam. I didn't think too much of this guy and we walked our separate ways at the end of the carpet. I had tucked my camera neatly in my purse as I didn't see anyone famous :). 

Later, I find out that I apparently walked the red carpet next to Pharrell. I never got to meet him as I assumed he was just another guest in the crowd. I never even got a picture! Talk about a major fail. And, I love Pharrell. I guess I was just too focused on happily strolling along the carpet and just rejoicing in being alive! 

2014 News 

Hi!!!  I've been so busy this year doing a lot of exciting things…went to the Grammy Awards in January, somehow managed to walk the red carpet which was so crazy that sometimes I wonder if it was real! Also, my dear friend Laura Sullivan won a Grammy for Best New Age Album and I, along with so many others, are so proud of her and honored to call her my friend.  What an amazing talent, I can't say enough.  Also went to a pre-grammy red carpet event at Mixology in West Hollywood hosted by my friend and Grammy Nominated producer Arun Shenoy.  Good times…I am so blessed to be surrounded by genuine people, and that's such a rarity these days. :) Here's a pic of me on the red carpet :) 

Now, I am back to working in the studio with my friend Al Watkins, an incredibly talented Boston area producer/engineer…working on recording originals for a new CD. I spent the winter writing songs with a retro vibe and I'm really looking forward to sharing them with everyone!  

I'll be performing at Chick Singer Night's 10th Anniversary celebrating women in music on June 7 at the Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA.  here's the link for tickets, it's going to be a fantastic show with so many talented artists. I can't wait!  
Chick Singer Night Boston 

Cheers! Valerie


"I Love the way Valerie sings the Italian Classics. We need wonderful young artists like Valerie to keep this great tradition of music from Italy alive..and she's one of the best! Brava..." - Radio host Ron Della Chiesa (WGBH, Boston, MA)

"Valerie's music has power over the body, As you listen, It closes your eyes and transports you into a most melodically beautiful place. Valerie's passionate voice sleeps beautifully over the very delicate and romantic musical arrangement."  - Marlow Rosado (2013 Grammy® Award winning pianist/composer, Best Latin Tropical Album)  

"Valerie's heart and soul shine through every song she touches."  David Sholemson (Manager, Pat Metheny and Sr. VP of Ted Kurland Assoc.) 
"Valerie Giglio is a one of a kind original. Her soulful and passionate style is at once a retro treat, as well as an inspired and fresh new vibe on classic favorites. When I hear her sing, I am left for wanting nothing more than to be sipping a glass of wine in a café near the Trevi Fountain. Her voice is dynamic and emotive. She draws me in with a sensitivity that only someone who understands the layers of meaning in the lyrics of these well loved pieces could aptly perform. She is an artist to watch as her career will surely continue to expand in exciting new directions, delighting us with more of her charm which is so richly unique I believe she could be the next one to create a whole new genre that others will soon imitate." Laura Sullivan (2014 Grammy® Award winning Pianist and Composer, Sentient Spirit Records, Best New Age Album)